Sanshmani Vati (Guduchi Ghan Vati)

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Sanshamani Vati is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Fever, Inflammatory Disease. Secondary and off-label uses are Inflamation, Digestive disorders, Arthritis. The key ingredients of Sanshamani Vati are Guduchi extract, Atees.

Indications: Fever, Inflamation, Digestive disorders, Arthritis etc.

Pharmacological Actions:
Guduchi aid in swelling reduction following an injury
Guduchi lower body temperature and are used during a fever
Guduchi that reduce oxidative stress and revert oxidative damage in the body cells.
Guduchi improve the process of digestion and food absorption.


Shashmani vati contais Guduchi satva and Atees.


60 Tablet


1-2 Tablets two to three times a day or as directed by the physician.


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