Patent Division

Indigenously developed formulations by ayurvedic physicians by keeping the view at modern day diseases and their prevention. More than 150 products are marketed by own marketing team.

Classical Division

Age old ayurvedic formulation written by saints and early physician in ancients books like Bhaishajyaratnavali, Bhavprakashnighantu, Rastantrasar v Siddhprayog Sangrah etc.

Third Party Manufacturing

Third party manufacturing or Private labelling products are manufactured for many leading marketers of the nation. Quality product, Better packaging, Timely deliveries are key areas.

Formulation Development

Our creative team develops the Idea into product with expertise in the formulation and developement.

Your Idea> Our Developement > Your Product

About Our Research

A team of dedicated scientists and technologists ensure that the raw materials and finished products undergo comprehensive testing within the framework of established scientific principles. We ensure that herbs are used with modern & scientific research methods. This duo of old ayurvedic scholars and modern scientists helps us to ensure that Ayurveda becomes more contemporary and acceptable to modern generations.

The latest technological advances together with proper observance of GMP norms, ensures high-quality herbal products which subjected to rigorous tests to determine the potency and stability of the products for the entire period of its stipulated shelf life.

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