Avaleha/ Pak

Avaleha or Pak is prepared by repeatedly boiling the decoction and extract of a crude herbal drug and condensing it with sugar etc. The semi-solid preparation which can be taken orally is called avaleha. The granulated formulation which is taken with milk or any other suggested liquid or alone is called Pak.

Avaleha and pak-
Ashwagandha Pak (Granules)
Badam Pak (Granules)
Brahm Rasayan
Chitrakharitaki Avaleha
Chyawanprash Avaleha (with Ashtavarg)
Drakshavaleha (with Saffron)
Erand Pak (Granules)
Harindrakhand Avaleha
Kounch Pak (Granules)
Musli Pak (Granules)
Salam Pak (Granules)
Supari Pak (Granules)

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Avaleha is the most common secondary Kalpana (dosage form) which has been employed in various disorders and this product is gaining popularity due to its easy administration, palatability and longer shelf life. It is a semisolid preparation of herbal drugs prepared in decoction or extracts of different herbs by adding sweetening agents like jaggery, sugar or sugar candy. The component drugs which are used in the preparation of Avaleha are aqueous medium, substrate, Oushada dravyas, lipid medium, additives etc. By analyzing consistency of various Avaleha varies from freely-flowing, paste-like, semisolid and granular, which depends upon the substrate and Oushada churna ratio. Avaleha can be compared to confections because both contains essential ingredients as sugar and water and optional ingredients as edible oils, honey, flours, starches, edible salts etc. Avaleha are intend to provide better drug absorption through the oral cavity along with absorption through villi.


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