Laxon Tablets


Laxon tablet is an extract based small lexative tablet with all benefits of large inconvenient doses of churna. Laxon tablet is a natural, safe and effective laxative tablet which is useful in the management of chronic constipation. Laxon gives relief in Irritable Bowels Syndrome. It produces laxative action without side effects.

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Indications: Natural habitual constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome, Constipation due to piles.

pharmacological actions:
Triphla extract significantly improved amount of frequency and consistency of stool. Casia angustipolia increases peristaltic movement and eases defecation.
Nishoth extract have potent legislative action with anti-inflammatory activity.
Zinziber officinalis has pro-kinetic activity and it is a carminative and GIT stimulant.


Laxon tablet contains sanay ext., Triphala ext., Mulleti Ext., Nishoth Ext., Shunthi, Saindhav namak, erond oil excipient q.s.


3×10 Tablets


one to two tablet with Luke warm water at Bedtime Ore as directed by the physician


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