Kandro Ear Drop


Kandro ear drop is an ayurvedic formulation recommended for ear problems. Kandro drop is useful in the treatment of Pain in ear, Ear discharge and Ear abscess. It treats acute otitis media without causing side effect which are common with antibiotics. Kandro is safe and effective ear drop all age groups.

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Indications: Acute otitis media, Chronic otitis media, Otalgia (Pain in ear), ottorrhea (Ear discharge).

Pharmacological actions:
Raddish carbonate and potassium carbonate remove bacterial or fungal infection in ear.
Mustard Oil relieves internal inflammation in ear.
Morninga oleifera reduces impulsive pain in the ear.
Zinziber officinale is usefull in tympanitis (Inflammation of the middle ear) and helps to cure headache.


2-2 drops three to five times a day or as directed by the physician.


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