Dentil Gum Paint


Dentil Gumpaint is an herbal formulation useful in the treatment of dental problems. Dentil is recommended in pyorrhea, gingivitis and dental pain. It is safe and effective for all age groups.

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Indications: Pyorrhea, Gingivitis, Dental pain

Pharmacological Actions:
Barleria Prionitis has antimicrobial Properties.
Mimusops elengi has an anti inflammatory action.
Quercus infectoria kills bacterias of decaying teeth & Cavities.
Caryophyllus aromatics oil has analgesic and antipyretic action.


Dentil Gumpaint contains aqu. Ext. of : Vajradanti [Barleria prionitis], Molshree [Mimusops elengi], Majuphal [Quercus infectoria], Vacha [Acorus calamus], Kachoor [Curcumma zedoaria], Manjishtha [Rubia cordifolia], Shunthi [zingiber officinale], Haritaki [Terminalia chebula], Vibhitaki [Teminalia belerica], Amalki [Emblica officinale], Mulethi [Glycyrrhiza glabra], Vidang [Embelia ribes], Jatamansi [N. jatamansi], Ajwain [T. ammi], Kapoor [Camphor], Podik Satva [Mentha piperita], Sphatik [Alum], Lavang Oil [C. aromaticus oil], Syrup base q.s.


10 ml


Apply on teeth and gums two times a day.


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