GD Fit Syrup


G.D. fit syrup, a herbo-mineral formulation recmmended in physical tiredness, weak immune system, anemia and in deficiency of essential elements. G.D. fit syrup keeps the body fit and healthy and mental growth.

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Physical tiredness, Anemia, Lack of essential element, Weak immunity.

Pharmacological Actions:
Crocus sativus acts as catalyst in blood formation.
Withania Somnifera build body?s defense mechanism and enhance the immune response.
Centaurea behen, Bacopa monniera & Convovulus pluricaulis act as nervine tonic.
Centurea behen increases memory and protects heart.
Various Bhasmas provide essential elements to the body.
Madhuca indica is a rich source of sugar, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and iron.


GD Fit Syrup contains aqu. Ext. of: Crocus sativus, Rosa centifoliaa, Withania somnifera, Madhuca indica, Centaurea behen, C. pluricaulis, Bacopa monniera, Tin calx, Lead calx, Biotite calx, Santalum album oil, Syrup base q. s.


210 ml


10 ml twice a day after meal or as directed by the physician.


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