Bikonet Tablets


Bikonet tablet is a herbo-mineral preparation, recommended in low immunity, restlessness; fever. Bikonet tablet is useful as adjuvant with antibiotics to decreases the adverse effects.

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Low immunity of body ,high fever, Restlessness, Weakness.

Pharmacological Actions:
Bambusa arundinacea helps to enhance the immune power.
Coral decreases the side effects of antibiotics and make bikonet usefull as an adjuvant with antibiotic therapy.
Jypsum Calx removes harmful toxins from the body and gives relief from fever.
Sandal Regulates metabolic process and generate new cells to repair affected organs.


Bikonet tablet contains: Processed Coral, B. arundinacea, Jypsum Calx, white sandal


60, 500 Tablets.


2 tablets two to four times a day after meal or as directed by the physician.


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