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Carditone capsule is a herbo-mineral preparation recommended for the long term management of cardiovascular diseases. Most of the heart diseases are due to deposition of lipids and bad cholesterol in the blood vessels.? Carditone capsule is useful to treat Hypertension and bring the Blood Pressure back to normal value through its Antihyperlipidemic action. Carditone is also recommended to treat Bradycardia and tachycardia. Carditone is a safe and effective treatment for long term cardiovascular diseases.

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Indications: Bradycardiay, Tachycardiay, Hypertensiony, Hyper-lipidemia

Pharmacological Actions:
Terminalia arjuna regulates heartbeat and pace. It’s hypolipidemic action reduces chances of Atherosclerosis.
Nardostachys jatamansi has potent antihyperlipidemic action, anxiolytic and tranquilizing properties. it benefits the patient with nervousness & palpitation.
Terminalia arjuna has antihypertensive activity and inhibits the platelet aggregation.
N. jatamansi, Commiphora mukul [hypolipidemic], Terminalia arjuna and Acorus calamus minimize ischemic injury to myocardium.
Processesed pearl regulates blood pressure.
Dashmool kwath is a useful tonic for heart.


Carditone capsule contains: Guggulu [Commiphaora mukul], Dashmool kwath, Shilajeet [Asphaltum], Bala [Sida Cardifolia], Kutki [Picrorrhiza kurroa], Vacha [Acorus calamus], Dariyai nariyal [L. Maldivica], Akik Pishti, Makardhwaj, Arjuna [Terminalia arjuna], Jatamansi [N.jatamansi], Lahsun [Allium cepa], Abresham [Slik cocoon], Kapoor [Camphor], Mukta pishti [Prosseced pearl], Amber [Amber Gris]


30 Capsules.


1-2 Capsules Two to Three times a day? or as directed by the physician.


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