Asavas/ Quath Pravahi

Arishta and Asava have been used as medicines for over 3000 years to treat various disorders and are also taken as appetisers and stimulants. Due to their medicinal value, sweet taste, and easy availability people are prone to consume higher doses of these drugs for longer periods. Arishta and Asava has been legalised and listed in the official Ayurveda Formulary of India. Goswami Drugs manufactures following in 210 ml and 450 ml bottle-

Asava and Arishta-
Kumari Asava

Kwath Pravahi (K.P.)-
Dashmool K.P.
Mahamanjishthadi K.P.
Maharasnadi K.P.
Mahasudarshan K.P.
Punarnavadi K.P.

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Asava-arishta is a novel yet least exploited continuous hydro-alcoholic extraction method, being traditionally used in Ayurveda. This advanced dosage form probably results into transformation of several phytochemical compounds present in the herbs used to prepare it and thereby either rendering them less toxic or more potent, besides helping in their faster absorption. Ayurveda contains 8 branches of sciences and 10 different diagnostic tools based on tridosha theory (three humours of body). Ayurveda comprises of various types of medicines including the fermented forms namely arishtas (fermented decoctions) and asavas (fermented infusions). These are regarded as valuable therapeutics due to their efficacy and desirable features. Arishtas and asavas are self-generated herbal fermentations of traditional Ayurvedic system. They are alcoholic medicaments prepared by allowing the herbal juices or their decoctions to undergo fermentation with the addition of sugars. Arishtas are made with decoctions of herbs in boiling water while asavas are prepared by directly using fresh herbal juices. Fermentation of both preparations is takes place by the addition of a source of sugar with dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz) flowers. Many preparations contain additional spices for improving their assimilation. They are moderately alcoholic (up to 12% by volume) and sweetish with slight acidity and agreeable aroma. Presence of alcohol in the preparation shows several advantages, like better keeping quality, enhanced therapeutic properties, improvement in the efficiency of extraction of drug molecules from the herbs and improvement in drug delivery into the human body sites. Indian Ayurvedic literature that included arishta and asava are Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Astanga Hridaya, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sarngadhara Samhita, Khadhan-igragam, Arsaschikitsha, Sagasrayogam, Chik-itshasthanam, Yogaratnagaram, Asavarisht-asangragam, shathagunasangraham and Astangasangraham.


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