Liv-Liv Syrup


Liv-Liv syrup and tablet are ayurvedic formulations recommended for restoration of liver. Liv-liv is a hepato-specific formulation which accelerates the rate of recovery in various liver disorders like infective hepatitis, jaundice, drug induced hepatitis and hepatomegaly. Liv-Liv has hepato-protective, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions.

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Indications: Jaundice, Low appetite, Infective Hepatitis, Hepatomegaly.

Pharmacological Action:
Eclipta alba protects the liver against drug induced hepatotoxicity.
Picrorrhiza kurroa increases glutathione and GPX, GST, CAT & SOT activities.
A. paniculata has anti-microbial action S. Aureus and protects hepatic parenchyma.
Boerhavia Diffusa has potent anti inflammatory and membrane stabilizing potential and decreases the level of Transaminase.
In Liv-Liv tablet Piper longum increases appetite and helps in weight gain.


Liv-liv Syrup contains aqu. ext. of- Bhringraj, Rohitak, Kasni, Vidang, Chitrakmool, Jhauk, Sharpunkh, Punarnava and arka of- kalmeghm Kutki, Amrita and Syrup base q.s.


Syrup- 110, 210, 450 ml. Tablet- 60, 500 Tablets.


Syrup- 10 ml three times a day. Tablet- 2 tablets three times a day. or as directed by the physician.


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