Kasnasa-DS Capsules


Kasnasa-DS capsule is an herbal medicine useful for the management of bronchospasm, asthamatic cough, It is recommended in bronchitis and other respiratory tract infection. Kasnasa-DS is safe and effective capsule and gives permanent relief from asthamatic cough.

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Indications: Bronchospasm, Asthmatic cough, Acute & Chronic Bronchitis, Respiratory tract infections.

Pharmacological Actions:
Inula racemosa (anti-allergic) and Solanum xanthocarpum are useful in bronchial asthma.
Ocimum santum has antibacterial properties and helps to mobilize sputum in bronchitis.
Sarcostemma brevistigmas spasmolytic action reduces Bronchospasm.
Solanum xanthocarpum has antihistaminic and antiasthamatic activity and its decongestant action removes cough.
Kasnasa DS increases Immunity & resistance against infections.


Kasnasa-DS Capsule contains powder of- Anantmool, Tulsi, Pushkarmool, Somlata, Kantkari, Ashwakanchuki ras, Dhatura, excipients q.s.


30 Capsules.


1-2 capsules twice ot thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


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