GD Lact-8 Capsules


GD Lact-8 Capsule, an ayurvedic medicine, recommended for the management of lactation problem after pregnancy. It increases lactation and removes weakness in mother by providing macro and micro nutrients. Lact-8 capsule is an effective and safe treatment for the low lactating mother.

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Indications: Low milk, After delivery, Weakness in infant, Weakness in mother.

Pharmacological actions:
Asparagus racemosus increases lactation and decreases utterine contraction.
Lepidium sativum is a rich source of macro and micro nutrients.
Cyperus rotundus has potent antibacterial activity against gram +ve bacterias.
Lact-8 is better for infants as mother milk contains immunoglobulin, lysosion, leukocyte.


Lact-8 capsule contains Shatawari, Ashwagandha, Mehandi, Mulethi, Lahasun, Chandrashur, Nagarmotha, Vidarikand, excipients q.s.


3×10 Capsules


1 to 2 capsules, twice a day for 12 to 24 weeks or as directed by the physician.


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